Protempis designs custom synchronization solutions for companies around the world. Allow us to introduce you to our highly efficient and competitive timing technologies that can be created in a custom product that will meet your specific time and frequency requirement. Protempis’s unsurpassed record of reliability positions us as value leaders in the industry.
Finding a timing product that meets your specific requirements? At Protempis, we have the right resources to deliver a superior customized product that will meet your unique needs and deadlines. Our experienced team will understand your timing requirements and determine how we can offer the ideal solution to help your business grow.
Our timing experts can provide a custom solution—based on our proven frequency output (FreqOut™) architecture—to meet your price-point needs for virtually any stability, frequency or PPS output requirement, in a variety of form factors. Whatever form your solution takes, you can be sure it will feature Protempis’s traditional superior performance, innovation, proven quality, and reliability.

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