Rigol DS6000 Series Digital Oscilloscope

DS6000 series adopt many today’s new technologies to achieve high performance, abundant features in the same class. It’s designed to aim at the requirements of the largest digital oscilloscope market segment from the communications, semiconductor, computing, aerospace defense, instrumentation, research/education, industrial electronics, consumer electronics and automotive industries with its innovative technology, industry leading specifications, powerful trigger functions and broad analysis capabilities.

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Key Features

  • Bandwidth 1GHz, 600 MHz
  • Sample Rate Up to 5 GSa/s
  • Channels 2 or 4
  • Memory 140 Mpts(Std.)
  • Waveform capture rate Up to 180,000 waveforms per second,
  • Real Time Waveform Record, Replay & Analysis(Std. up to 200,000 frames)
  • Innovative “UltraVision” technology
  • A variety of Trigger functions and Automatic measurements with statistics
  • Support serial bus trigger(Std.) and decoding(Opt.)
  • Dedicated data search knob“ WaveFinder ”
  • Battery Option (China Only)
  • Complete Connectivity: USB, LAN(LXI-C), VGA, AUX, GPIB(Option)
  • Built-in 1 GBytes Flash Memory
  • 10.1 inch WVGA(800X480) Display

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