Freedom R8100 Communications System Analyzer

Freedom Communications Technologies is proud to offer the next generation of the world’s leading communications system analyzer: The R8100 delivers a previously unimaginable result: a truly portable instrument with more functions than yesterday’s bench top analyzers. And it now offers significantly improved spectral purity, surpassing that of comparably priced and even much more expensive radio test sets.

The R8100’s 7kg weight gives technicians power and flexibility never before attainable – or currently attainable with any other instrument. This, combined with the unit’s feature-packed spectrum analyzer, amazing new enhanced tracking generator, and bright 8.4” color LCD, makes it ideal for site infrastructure maintenance and interference measurement.

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You no longer need to lug multiple pieces of heavy equipment to perform service at remote locations. The R8100 has everything you need in one compact 7kg package!

Key Features

· Spectrum Analyzer · Signal Generator · Sensitive Measurement Receiver · High Performance Tracking Generator (optional) · SINAD Meter · Distortion Meter · Modulation Scope · Oscilloscope · Frequency Error Meter · Cable Fault Locator (optional) · FM Deviation Meter · AM Modulation Meter · Receive Signal Strength Meter · Broadband and Narrowband Power Meters · Audio Counter · Audio Generator · AC / DC Voltmeters · Return Loss / VSWR bridge (optional) · DMR (MOTOTRBO™) test mode (optional) · NXDN test mode (optional) · TETRA subscriber test mode (optional) · P25 conventional test mode (optional) · P25 trunking test mode (optional) · P25 Phase 2 trunking test mode


  • Reduces test time by over 80%
  • Maintains consistency and accurate test results from radio to radio
  • Can be used by non-technical personnel
  • Adjustable Pass/Fail indicators flag radio defects
  • Results can be stored on the R8000 and exported to a USB drive for analysis with PC spreadsheet software
  • Comprehensive test report shows date of test, model, serial number, operator ID and complete test record

New Features for Freedom R8100

  • High Performance Tracking Generator
  • Cable Fault Locator
  • Enhanced Spectrum Analyser with 4 markers
  • Dual Display that shows the carrier signal and modulation scope simultaneously
  • Headphone jack for high-noise environments
  • Internal, field-swappable Lithium Ion battery
  • Rugged handle
  • Tuning knob which serves as a data entry key
  • Brilliant, color enhanced display
  • Foreign language support: German, French & Spanish

Product Specifications

Weight:  7.2kg
Range:  250 kHz to 3 GHz (1 GHz standard, 3 GHz optional)
Size: 23.9cm high x 32.3cm wide x 19.1cm deep
Display:  8.4” LCD, visible in sunlight, with wide viewing angle Spec. An.
Noise Floor:  -120 dBm (-140 dBm at narrow spans)
RF Input:  50 W 5 Min, 150 W maximum

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