Accel Instruments TS200 Modulated Power Supply

Accel Instruments TS200 Modulated Power Supply is a unique instrument for many test and measurement applications such as LDO PSRR measurement, battery simulator, op amp CMRR measurement, function generator amplifier, transient response test, four-quadrant power supply, lab power amplifier and more.

The modulated power supply is designed for bench test and measurement. It can output DC or AC voltage or both.  For example, it can output a 3.3V DC voltage with a 300mVpp AC sinewave riding on top of it. The TS200 features a modulation input to modulate the output to produce any desired waveform

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Accel Instruments TS200 Modulated Power Supply is perfect for many test and measurement applications such as waveform amplifier for function generators, battery simulator/emulator, amplifier and LDO PSRR measurement, Helmhlotz coil driver, op-amp CMRR test, high voltage driver for piezo transducers, voltage transient test, high brightness LED driver, lab power amplifier, four-quadrant power supply, and more.

Key Features

  • Easy to use with a function Generator
  • Up to 4A peak current (TS200-0A)
  • Up to 70V output (TS200-3B)
  • AC or DC couple input
  • Offset DC voltage control
  • Large voltage LCD display
  • Output short circuit protection
  • Parallel two or more for higher current


  • High Current Amplifier
  • Battery Simulator
  • Helmholtz Coil Driver
  • Piezo Amplifier and Driver
  • LDO PSRR Measurements
  • Amplifiers PSRR/CMRR Test
  • Transient Response Test
  • High Current LED Testing
  • Four quadrant power supply
  • Solar Cell Characterization

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