Aaronia Spectran V5 XFR Pro

Built to Detect

The SPECTRAN XFR V5 PRO is a portable Real-Time Spectrum Anaylzer, designed to capture even shortest signal transmissions. ItÅLs scanning speed and recording time is without competition, the Analyzer scans 20GHz in less than 20mS making it the world’s fastest counter-surveillance receiver.

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ULTRA Robust Spectrum Analyzer for use under extreme conditions

  • Fastest Countersurveillance Receiver in the World, scans
  • 20GHz in less than 20mS (1000GHz / sec.)
  • Ultra robust real-time Outdoor Spectrum Analyzer (IP65, -20°C to +60°C)
  • Real-time capture bandwidth up to 175MHz
  • POI below 1μS
  • Unlimited recording time (needs 1GB / min.)
  • Wide measuring range up to 20GHz
  • Samplerate/second: > 5 million
  • 500 MSPS (14 Bit Dual 256MSPS I/Q)
  • Up to 4TB ultra-fast SSD recording storage
  • Optional I/Q Generator (6GHz) and Power Meter (40GHz)
  • Extra large 15,6“ Widescreen Display (Full HD,
  • 1920×1080) with Multi-touch Screen, sunlight readable
  • (800 Nits-QuadraClear)
  • Intel i7 with 8GB RAM, nVidia Power
  • Integrated GPS
  • Includes World’s first 3D real-time Spectrum monitoring and recording Software (gapless streaming and playback)

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