Aaronia Spectran V5 19” Remote

Remote Controlled, Fast and Interconnected

Aaronia presents the SPECTRAN V5 X, a USB Real-Time Spectrum Anaylzer designed to capture even shortest signal transmissions. It´s scanning speed and recording time is without competition, the Analyzer scans 20GHz in less than 20mS making it World´s fastest remote controllable Spectrum Analyzer.

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Master All Your Challenges! 

  • Continuously streaming and storing from any spectrum of interest
  • Allows the monitoring of multiple sites from one centralized location
  • Eliminates trips to difficult locations
  • Measured data transfer over TCP / IP
  • Up to 24TB data storage inside the remote unit
  • Optional I/Q GENERATOR up to 6GHz
  • Samplerate/second: > 5 million
  • Polyphase Filter Technology
  • Up to 175MHz Real-Time bandwidth
  • POI below 1μS
  • Real-time Remote Software with unlimited resolution incl. views (working
  • at the same time): “3D Waterfall”, “Waterfall”, “Histogram”, “Spectrogram”
  • 19“ standard module with one height unit only (1U)
  • Extremely low noise (up to max. -170dBm/Hz DANL with amplifier)
  • Wide frequency range starting from 1Hz up to 20GHz
  • Customizable Alarm-, Trigger- and Limits-Function

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