Aaronia Near Field Probe Set PBS2

Active high performance E & H Near Field Probes incl. 40dB EMC RF preamplifier with wide frequency range up to 9GHz. High accuracy. Integrated probe tripod connection for perfect adjustment.

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  • 5 different near field probes to measure H and E fields offer optimum sensitivity and spatial resolution at different frequencies
  • Passive or active mode by removing/adding included preamplifier
  • Preamplifier with integrated LiPo battery (up to 3,5h run time)
  • Covered with insulating layer for safe measurements
  • Very handy design incl. rubber coated grip
  • Very small size. Perfect for exact locating of interference sources. Offers access to tight spaces
  • Integrated electrostatic shield eliminates common-mode pickup
  • Can be driven by a signal source to generate fields for electromagnetic susceptibility testing
  • Gain rises very linear with frequency which offers high accuracy
  • Preamplifier offers integrated calibration data on EEprom (readout via integrated USB interface)
  • Typical standard calibration data and Excel sheet for dBm to V/m and A/m conversion (on CD)
  • Extra wide frequency range up to 9GHz
  • Suitable for field-strength and EMC measurements due to high precision
  • Including tripod connector for perfect adjustment and reproducibility

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